On the threshold of a new age we have the knowledge and maturity to build a new world for nature and mankind.

Invest with us in the future and immediately achieve double and long-term profits from your capital investment.

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Real Estate

Yield Luxury condominiums with very good returns in the Globalpeace Campus, which are self-financing and provide you with a second income.


Artinvest certified works of art by Dieter W. Liedtke with value guarantee and appreciation of 1100% on average in 30 years.



Equities with guaranteed stock market price increase potential.

                                                                       Cell rejuvenation shares aimeim plc Dublin               Globalpeace Campus INC Florida shares 


Our Statement

We see ourselves as an online service provider for innovative, sustainable and asset-boosting capital investments created and donated by my father, the exceptional inventor artist "Dieter W. Liedtke", and by the stock corporations he founded for the development of the health platform aimeim and for the construction of the Globalpeace Campus. 

In the investor direct concept developed by us, profits are realized for the investor by using the digital markets and this without additional sales commissions or the known profit distribution systems at the expense of the investors. For the first time, the investor can expect double returns with full profit distribution plus appreciation in value in all investment forms we represent. 

The combination of:
Certified works of art with free share packages


Owner-occupied properties with certified works of art and free real estate share packages plus higher collateral, immediate returns and long-term profits result from the three differentiated boom markets.

We look forward to your request 

Kai Dieter Liedtke
Codigo Universo Invest Holding S.A.